Apartment MS 007


Deluxe room (DLX), this is the most advanced room service in Keystone Home. With space from 84m2 to 92m2 equipped with high level, the most luxurious interior, will bring a modern and cozy feeling. The apartment also offers full amenities, providing a clean, comfortable and private feeling. In addition, the DLX room is located in a high position, giving you the best feeling and experience compared to other rooms. Room consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a balcony.

BOOKING HERE +84 907 571 062

Keystone Home booking and cancellation policies:

  1. When booking, please deposit 20% in advance
  2. When canceling, please inform 5 days in advance for a 100% refund.

Regulations when staying at Keystone Home:

  1. You must not bring explosives, flammable substances, weapons, drugs, banned goods, animals, smelly goods and bulky loads into the rest room.
  2. Do not conduct acts of prostitution, bring people who have sex acts into the rooms.
  3. Do not use alcohol, beer, other stimulants leading to loss of control and causing insecurity and order.
  4. Do not smoke at places where there is a ban on smoking.
  5. Do not gather, sing, shout, cause disorder.
  6. Do not gamble in any way.
  7. Do not use banned drugs and drugs in accordance with the law.
  8. No guest reception after 22:00 daily, however in case of necessity you need the consent of Keystone Home.


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